The Top 100 Innovative Cybersecurity Companies Of 2022

With the UK Government also reporting 32% of UK businesses experiencing an attack on the systems in the past 12 months. Misconfiguration of cloud services can cause data to be publicly exposed, manipulated, or even deleted. You hand control of your data to your cloud service provider and introduce a new layer of insider threat from the provider’s employees. It is a combination of measures to prevent direct access and disruption of hardware housed in your cloud provider’s datacenter.

best cloud security companies

It can also help identify and remediate misconfigurations and other security gaps in real time. Organizations can use cloud-native security solutions that integrate seamlessly into the agile development lifecycle. Security by design – cloud architecture design should implement security controls that are not vulnerable to security misconfigurations. For example, if a cloud storage container holds sensitive data, external access should be locked, and there should be no way for an administrator to open access to the public Internet. The following table illustrates how responsibility is divided between the cloud users and cloud providers across different cloud models.

Features Offered By Top 10 Cloud Security Companies

It uses the latest information from Akamai’s threat researchers and machine learning to surface real attacks quickly and limit the number of false positives. Akamai leverages their deep knowledge of CDN security to provide web application security that is virtually unrivaled. Protect applications access with the Zero-Trust approach based on least privilege for more than just web-based applications.

Noetic offers a range of solutions for strategy and planning, implementation, review and evaluation, and more. With a distinct focus on enterprises, ZeroFox is an AI-driven, network security-focused organization that focuses on detecting, analyzing, and remediating complex threats. They provide dark and deep web monitoring, threat intelligence and analytics, and risk assessments. They are highly adept in preventing threats such as phishing, fraud, account takeover and more. With robust, smart-driven solutions favored by both enterprise and governmental organizations alike, Bastille offers advanced protection against the rising Cellular, RF, and Wireless threats. One Identity is a firm favorite amongst consumers in the identity and access management space.

  • Balance security and usability while protecting users, networks, and applications.
  • With an emphasis on cloud security and technology, Palo Alto Networks is a smart option for any company wanting intuitive, innovative security solutions.
  • To gain your CCSP certification, you need to study for and pass the examination offered by ².
  • You’ll do this using Google security technologies aligned to security best practices and industry requirements.
  • Alerts can be sent via email or Slack when key performance indicators are breached.

The foundation of cloud security best practice is built on selecting a trusted service provider. You want to partner with a cloud provider who delivers the best in-built security protocols and conforms to the highest levels of industry best practice. A driving force for secure cloud practices is the ever-increasing threat from cybercriminals – both in volume and sophistication. To quantify the threat, a Cloud Security Report from 2 found that 28% of businesses experienced a cloud security incident 2019.

In fact, many cloud providers introduce access to highly sophisticated security tools and resources you couldn’t otherwise access. Sumo Logic is a cloud-based machine data analytics company that supports modern digital businesses through real-time analytics delivered as a service. Their continuous intelligent platform unifies all data types, enables universal access, and leverages cloud economics to help practitioners and developers deliver reliable and secure cloud-native applications. Exabeam is a cybersecurity vendor that specializes in providing actionable intelligence to help organizations enhance their security stacks.

Prisma Cloud

The Oracle Security and Identity Cloud also offers a web application firewall, identity and access management, identity cloud services, and key management. You’ll have instant access to vast reservoirs of expertise deploying and securing on-premise, native and hybrid cloud security solutions. You’ll take a comprehensive approach to cloud security – from strategy and assessment through gap analysis and design – to build protection into your expanding environment.

best cloud security companies

Many organizations use multiple CASB solutions, each supporting the specific APIs or ecosystem of a specific SaaS solution. Network security – the cloud uses a shared responsibility model, and the organization is responsible for securing traffic flows to and from cloud resources, and between the public cloud and on-premise networks. Segmenting networks is also important to limit an attacker’s ability to move laterally once they have gained access to a network.

Best Cloud And Data Center Security Solutions

You’ll do this using Google security technologies aligned to security best practices and industry requirements. When your data moves to the cloud, you’ll need to ensure you maintain data security and privacy to comply with industry and governmental regulations. A CASB will do this for you, identifying and enforcing DLP policies on sensitive data in your cloud deployment. One of the most difficult security threats to protect against is your own staff. Even former employees who’ve been disabled from your organization’s core systems may still be able to access cloud apps containing business-critical information.

best cloud security companies

AttackIQ is risk assessment vendor that specializes in breach and attack simulation solutions and security optimization. Its expansive portfolio includes security control validation, MITRE ATT&CK framework alignment, cloud security optimization, and compliance optimization. Karamba is a leading software company serving industries around the globe with a strong focus on product security, making sure all IoT–regardless of what they are–stay protected from opportunistic attackers. Karamba’s product suite includes vulnerability management, research and consulting, enhanced device visibility, security validation, and more. Dashlane is a global leader in consumer and enterprise password management services. Dashlane helps both people and businesses to manage passwords securely in an encrypted vault, helping to prevent credential theft and password scams.

Your chosen cloud service provider will have a rigorous and transparent security screening process in place. When moving to a cloud service, a key element of security is the protection of data in transit between you (the end-user) and the provider. You’ll need network protection to prevent the interception of data and encryption to prevent an attacker from reading any data should it be intercepted. When you move to the cloud you introduce a new set of risks and change the nature of others.

Data Security

Microsoft leverages its security expertise and experience to create critical cloud infrastructure protections. The vendor that will provide the best cloud security is the one that has a platform that covers all important areas of cloud security. This provides unified management, policies, logs, and alerts, simplifying security. Additionally, meeting the needs of the modern enterprise requires the ability to meet today’s security needs for assets, users, servers, and applications and integrate security from the very beginning.

Their platform is an integrated suite of security and compliance solutions that was built in the cloud and delivers all of its service through either multi-tenant or private cloud. Functional areas include continuous network monitoring , vulnerability management, compliance management, web scanning, web application firewall, malware detection, and secure website testing. The CASB solution covers cloud security, user behavior analytics, and shadow IT discovery.

DLP, firewalls, sandboxing, URL filtering—it’s all managed from a single console, and there is zero hardware to scale. Check Point Software delivers as full a set of solutions as any cloud security company on the market. Cloudguard lets you oversee and protect assets across the entire developmental life cycle. With Security and Posture Management, you have total visibility into how users are accessing and updating cloud assets from remote locations.

A key part of any cloud security strategy should be visibility into cloud apps and workloads running in virtual environments. CloudPassage’s Halo, a SaaS solution, constantly scans data storage repositories, detects unauthorized access attempts, and alerts security teams. Check if your potential cloud security provider has certifications and qualifications that confirm they’re up to the task of securing your data. It’s also important to note whether or not they are compliant with privacy regulations and standards like HIPAA or PCI-DSS. Adobe’s product portfolio includes dozens of applications across several platforms. The Adobe Experience Platform is a suite of customer experience management services and tools.

Physical security includes controlling direct access with security doors, uninterrupted power supplies, CCTV, alarms, air and particle filtration, fire protection, and more. The iBoss cloud platform delivers all network security capabilities in the cloud via a SaaS offering, security connecting any user on any device, from any location, and to any application. IBoss is built on a proprietary containerized architecture specifically designed for the cloud and works to secure users’ internet access from anywhere. Splunk is a leading software platform for searching, analyzing, and visualizing the machine-generated data gathered from the applications, websites, sensors, devices etc. that make up an organization’s IT infrastructure. As a data platform leader for security and observability, Splunk delivers real-time analysis from diverse data sets, giving organizations insights into their data to improve performance and cyber security. Security Scorecard is a cybersecurity risk scoring vendor that specializes in enabling organizations to manage risk both internally and externally.

While public cloud services provide built-in security measures implemented in the service ecosystem, private cloud security falls solely on the in-house team. White Hat Security has been around a lot longer than many of its competitors, so they have a considerable amount of experience identifying and remediating web and application threats. Their products use dynamic and static application security testing to make sure your websites and source code stay secure.

best cloud security companies

Provider of a global cloud security platform designed to protect enterprises and government agencies from cyberattacks and data loss. WithSecure, formerly F-Secure Business, is a market-leading antivirus provider for organizations, with over 30 years’ experience offering IT security solutions. WithSecure’s product offering includes comprehensive cloud security, leading endpoint protection, detection and response, vulnerability management, and security consulting and risk management.

Optiv Security

Check Point is a market leader in the IT security industry that services a range of organizations of varying sizes and industries across the globe. Well established and well known, Check Point offers a range of robust solutions, the most notable of which include consolidated cloud security architecture systems, serverless security, hybrid data centers and cloud security providers more. Aqua Security is a cloud-native security provider that enables organizations to secure their cloud and container environments with threat prevention, proactive detection, and remediation. Their flagship solution, the Aqua Platform, provides application protection to secure an organization’s entire cloud infrastructure, workloads, and supply chain.

Core Principles Of A Cloud Security Architecture

Alongside this platform, they also provide threat detection solutions, threat intelligence, and a URL categorization engine. Recognised in 2021 as a leader in access management by Gartner, Ping Identity is a strong identity and access management provider that incorporates a range of extensive security tools. They offer dynamic authorization, fraud detection, API intelligence, risk management, and identity management in a range of flexible, powerful solutions with a range of deployment options. Okta is a cloud-based identity and access management provider that offers highly integratable and compatible solutions that don’t compromise on security. Their IAM solution combines cloud single sign-on capabilities, consolidated directories, multi-factor authentication, and more into one streamlined platform. Hysolate is an endpoint and web security platform that provides protection against malware threats using an innovative isolated virtual environment, which is remotely deployed on users’ devices and managed in the cloud.

Misconfiguration Of Cloud Services

Look for a solution that includes firewalls, antivirus, and internet security tools, mobile device security, and intrusion detection tools. If any are non-negotiable, you need to determine if agreeing is an acceptable risk to the business. If not, you’ll need to seek out alternative options to mitigate the risk through encryption, monitoring, or even an alternative provider.

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